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Rap Labels: When Analytics Met Hip Hop
February 01, 2016 Kevin Lockett

On today's episode Kevin Lockett talks to Matt Daniels from Polygraph and Kevin Beacham from Rhymasers (as well as Skye Rossi) used Hip Hop history and data from Billboard Magaaine to rank the most successful labels in Hip-Hop. During the discussion, Matt details how the New York Times inspired his interactive Hip Hop map. How Future and Run The Jewels are now both considered mainstream Hip Hop artists. Is Young Money Records he last of the boutique labels? How Jive Records still maintains a stronger Hip Hop footprint than Dr. Dre's Aftermath. The underrated impact of MC Hammer and if data and analtyics can help or hurt Hip Hop. You can check out Matt's data research at and Kevin's historial analysis at Medium ( You can download listen to past Digital Life with Kevin Lockett shows on iTunes and be sure to leave a review. Join @RobinhoodApp and we'll both get a stock like $AAPL, $F, or $S for free. Make sure to use my link.

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